Rare 3-Stone Azurite-Malacite Necklace

Rare 3-Stone Azurite-Malacite Necklace

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Each one of these incredibly beautiful stones could make necklace on its one. Combining the three heightens the amazing colors and patterns on each. They consist of azurite malacite with a wave of turquoise  on the top stone. They are all  hand embroidered  with seed beads and crystals. A 20-inch strand of turquoise and carnelian is part of this gorgeous piece.


  • Hand embroidery accents and secures each stone
  • 20-inch gold filled chain is included
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGN -No other like it anywhere in this world!
  • Currently on exhibit--AVAILABLE 4/30/19- Reserve it today!

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