Frequently Asked Questions

 What kind of wire is used? - 
All wire-wrapped pieces use 14K gold filled or sterling silver wire and components. Gold filed wire is not electroplated or dipped. It is 14K gold drawn out and filled with a small non-allergic metal to provide durability. All but the most severely allergic individuals can wear this metal with no reaction because the gold layers are thick. It will wear as well as 14K gold and never change color.
How do Rachel's pieces differ from most wire wrapped work? -
Rachel's trademark is the use of genuine Swarovski crystals, seed beads, and semi-precious stones in the earring and pendant designs.
Can the earrings be worn on either ear? -
All earrings are mirror images of each other and can be worn on either ear.
What are the materials in the center of the earring? -
The stones used in the main body of the earring range from semi-precious pearl to amethyst, turquoise, cubic zirconia, vintage two-toned glass or dichroic glass. They are selected for use by color and quality with an eye towards unique patterns.  
Is the jewelry available wholesale? - 
Yes, with minimum $250 order. Please contact me for details.
Are there any discounts for retail customers? - 
Yes, 10% off the listed price for purchases of $150 or more. Also, ask about discounts for repeat customers..
What are shipping terms?
Shipping charges will be added to your order. All items are insured and sent via US Postal Service.